The Asukabu! Team



Ruiz is the one that likes nasi lemak. He really really likes it. He is responsible for managing & driving the team forward. Mind is always thinking on how to challenge himself, as well as how to create dank-er memes.

@Apachee #nasilemakadventure #nasilemakislife #nasilemakeveryday



Norman is in charge of Marketing the team through brand awareness and content creation. Always eager to think of crazy new ideas and writing up content, he’s ready to hustle all day, everyday!

He also has an undying love for fried chicken (pass me some of that crunch!)

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Mugu is a happy-go-lucky guy helping out as a digital business planner, sorting through almost anything to deliver better work. Likes to travel and meeting new people. 

Current addictions: memes & finding ideas on losing weight with minimal effort