[TEST 3] Time is money friend!

Do you want to earn money while you sleep? Do you want to earn more per hour, and take more control of your time?



The single biggest question you should ask yourself at this moment:

Do you value your future over your present?

There is no right answer – people can be preparing for their future their whole lives and not live in the present which might lead to regret.

People can live in the present all the time but not set anything aside for their future, regretting it later.

There is no right answer.

But there is a wrong answer – The answer is valuing a lifestyle you will regret.

You can have a mix of both and prepare – live in the present, and set aside for the future. Different people have different risk tendencies. Some may choose to save more than others, others choose to be more frugal – some people prefer to go out to eat more often, etc.

Getting an understanding of how you live your life financially right now is the first step to achieving your goals.

Once you know, then you can plan accordingly. Set goals for yourself:

  • I will save X money by the end of this year so I can use it for travel.

  • I will save Y money by the end of this year to be put into savings.

  • I will earn this much so I can give a monthly allowance to my parents.

  • I will only spend a certain amount each month so I can discipline myself.

And only when you are ready to commit, you will reach your goal.


Ready? Let’s start.


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