[TEST 4] If money were a person...


By investing, you are investing in 3 main things: Your knowledge, your life, & your time.

Once those 3 things come together, you get money. With money, you can invest in them again!

Money gives you the ability to add value to all 3 of these aspects! So you need to treat your money accordingly. Treat it with respect, like you do your friends!


If money were a person

If money was a man, I would punch him in the face. Why?

Because either there is never enough of him (Flight tickets too expensive!), or that you

If money were a person, he would be:

-        Your slave: if money were a person he would be put somewhere else to work for you, and find more ‘persons’ (aka money) to be sent to you, and you can choose to order them however they want

-        Your (jealous) lover: You need to treat them with love and respect as you would a lover. What this means is communication: finding out exactly what your money will do, what benefits will they bring, how they are reacting etc. basically saying, do not go blind when investing

-        Your favourite celebrity: imagine your favourite actor/actress. You would want to know what movie they’re going to star in next, whether they will be in KL for an event, or any other gossip. Money is similar,

Norman Chella