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Growing up as Malaysians...

Apart from saving money for our future or for a rainy day, if someone has extra money, many would be quick to advise to:


"Invest in Stocks!"


But how many of us actually know how to start investing in stocks? 
To most beginners out there, even the words "stocks" and "investment" sound scary! Just the act of thinking about all the financial jargon that people in the finance world is scary for most beginners to even start learning about stock investment.


But do not fear,
Asukabu! is here.

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The Asukabu! Team is here to provide Malaysians with a fun, simple and free way to learn stock investment!


The Company

About Finatext Ltd.

Finatext began with the aim to make retail investment platforms more easily accessible across the world. Our approach to this has been centered around creating mobile applications which enable users to improve their financial literacy while accessing various financial markets. 

In 2014, Finatext was founded in Tokyo by an ex-investment banking professional and a quantitative analyst. It quickly rose to prominence with the release of applications in Japan such as Asukabu and Karu FX and is currently the most popular mobile-based retail investment provider in Japan.

About Finatext Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Our story in Malaysia began with our participation in Maybank Fintech Competition in 2015, where we emerged as the 1st Prize Winner of the competition. Two years later, we returned to Kuala Lumpur and incorporated Finatext Malaysia Sdn Bhd in February 2017. We now aim to repeat the success that we have experienced in Japan, here in the heart of Malaysia.

Address: (click here to open in Google Maps)
Murcutt, Level 28, Integra Tower, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +603-2775-9698


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