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Money doesn't grow on trees.
Money grows from investments.

Tired of your day job? Wouldn't it be great if you had another source of income on top? 
Even better, wouldn't it be awesome if you don't have to work for it? 
Passive income is what makes the rich richer, and makes the poor rich.


Everyday, over 250 new Malaysians
start stock investing!

No. of malaysian stock investors under 25 yrs old

In 2016, the number of people under 25 that invests in stock jumped up by 36%

Age of Malaysian stock investors, 2016

A total of 2.49 million stock investors in Malaysia

Like many other things you can invest in, stocks can help you grow your money. 
More and more people are starting to invest in stocks, as a form of passive income. 

In 2016, there were 2.49 million Malaysians who invested their money in stocks.
Among them, 99,600 people are Malaysians who've only just started! 


So... Why haven't you started?

A lot of Malaysians out there end up not investing in stocks because...


Don't know where to start? 
No one to learn it with?
No money?


Learn for free by using the asukabu! app

Asukabu! is an educational app made for beginners, who want to learn the basics of stock investment, within a community of learners that help one another, without spending a single ringgit!

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Learn about stocks and investments right from the basics! We guide you from zero to opening your first trading account!


Talk, learn and have fun together with other beginner users. Get advice from more experienced  investors!


The app is totally free! Practice forecasting stock prices, without spending even one ringgit!


Will today's stock price go up or down? 


Forecast! Practice everyday!


How to use the app


Learn the basics of stocks investing

Asukabu! School is a friendly comic-style syllabus for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of stock investing! Start learning how to be an investor from the very beginning!



Practice Forecasting the 

stock price

Everyday, one company's stock will be highlighted in the app. Use your wits to forecast if tomorrow, the stock's price will increase or decrease compared to today's price!

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Read about malaysian public companies

Important information about today's company such as what they do, who's the boss, recent news etc. what you need to help you make better choices, can all be accessed directly from within the app!

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Learn from other users and how they forecast

There are many ways to forecast a stock!  Join the community and learn how others forecast the stock price!


Start learning stock investment today!

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